Ultimate Breastfeeding Bundle - Tea

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The Ultimate Bundle Includes:

1x Mumasil Breast Milk Saver

1x Mumasil pair of Deluxe Breast Milk Collection Shells

1x Mumasil pair of Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs

1 x Mumasil Mothers Milk Support Tea

Mumasil Breast Milk Saver - works by suctioning to your breast to create a hands free container that catches the breast milk that would normally be lost from a letdown or leaking breasts. Great for using whilst feeding on the opposite side or to relieve engorgement between feeds.

Mumasil Deluxe Breast Milk Collection Shells - Our deluxe collection shells include a plug to prevent leaks and a handy travel case! Pop these shells inside your bra to collect let-down throughout the day and save every precious drop of your liquid gold! Designed to sit comfortably inside your nursing bra, use the shells whilst breastfeeding or pumping on the opposite breast. Or you can use them to collect milk whilst discretely inside your maternity bra in between feedsFantastic also if you are suffering from cracked or sore nipples as they will let your breasts breath between feeds.

Mumasil Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs- Provides soothing relief and ease discomfort associated with breast pain. Cold Therapy -Helps relieve pain and swelling from breastfeeding issues like engorgement and mastitis. Warm Therapy -Helps relieve mastitis, plugged ducts and encourages milk let-down.

Mumasil Mothers Milk Support Tea - an easy-to-drink tea combining herbs that have traditionally been used to help support healthy breast milk production and lactation. This fragrant blend may help mums experience benefits in milk supply within hours of enjoying our special brew.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cassie S. (Brisbane, Australia)
Best bundle for a new mum!

Brought this for my closest friend who was having her first baby. As I have used the mumasil milk saver for both my children and it was life changing! This bundle has everything for a new mum to get started and help on the breastfeeding journey! 10/10 would recommend!

Ellie S.

Such an amazing package
Everything I needed in one!

Maggie Lu (Sydney, Australia)
Save Milk With Ease

I couldn’t fault this product. I have other breast pumps but this is by far the most simplest device on the market. No strings attached. Very happy with it and would recommend for any mum.

Jessica Lees (Brisbane, Australia)
Such a great product! A must have for breastfeeding mums!

This was the best purchase I’ve made whilst being a Mum. Not only do you avoid going through breast pads, and reducing the potential of nipple thrush, but you can collect you leaked milk for extra bottles (so dads are involved) or to donate. It’s an incredibly thoughtful present for expectant mothers!

Clo (Auburn, Australia)
Great bundle

I've been around to a few websites but this ended up being the perfect bundle for the best value. I haven't had the chance to use these yet but so far I'm impressed with the quality. The suction cup works well on my husband so I'm optimistic!

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