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Mumasil Bundle - SAVE 15% Plus Free Standard Shipping


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Mumasil Breastfeeding Starter Bundle
Mumasil Breast Milk Saver and silicone breast pump
Mumasil Bundle - SAVE 15% Plus Free Standard Shipping
Mumasil Bundle - SAVE 15% Plus Free Standard Shipping

Bundle Includes:

1x Mumasil Breast Milk Saver

1x Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells

1x Mumasil Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Great products!!!

These were just what I was looking for. I’ve saved so much milk thanks to these gems

Wish I'd gotten them sooner!

Great products, wish I'd had them sooner as I didn't get much use from them. But who knows, I could have another baby one day!

Amazing and baby is only 5 days old

Our gorgeous boy was born 5 days ago and I noticed my milk was leaking from the breast I wasn’t feeding on already so today I started using the Mumasil breast milk saver and I’ve got around 120mls of milk put away. I’ve also used the little ice packs and they are great. Thanks for fantastic products.

Excellent product!

I will be buying one of these for every new mum
I know :)

Amazing, wish I had this earlier

What a great set of products. I initially struggled with breastfeeding due to nipple damage and was having to pump on one side. Wish I'd had the milk collection bottle that could collect from the damaged side and the breast shells are great for airing the nipples and allowing healing with the added bonus of collecting any milk. So much more comfortable than breast pads which kept sticking to my nipples (both fabric and disposable no matter how frequently I changed them).
I now use the collection bottle to gather milk for bottles and find it much better than pumping which was only worsening my over supply issues, this doesn't seem to have that effect.
Hot and cold packs good for engorgement, would have used them lots if I had them early as much better than using a warm compress.