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Easy for baby and mom

The spoons have been easy for bubs to hold and feed himself, also super easy to clean afterwards as well.

Subo Food Bottle
Nicole (Melbourne, Australia)
Fantastic product

This bottle is great. It takes a bit of work to get my non bottle taking 7 month old to start sucking, but once he does it's amazing for feeding him. I love how every piece comes apart and how the container has measurements and a window no matter which way you put it together.

Superfood Lactation Raspberry Smoothie
Stephanie Gagliano (Melbourne, Australia)
Love this product!

Started using this product a month ago and it has really helped improve my milk supply. Plus it tastes so yummy! Thank you!!

Ewan the Dream Sheep DELUXE
Michelle Susan (Perth, Australia)

I have recommended this product to everyone with a new baby as it has worked and worked and worked in settling my grandson. So much so I bought another one for a spare.

Ewan the Dream Sheep DELUXE
laura (Melbourne, Australia)
Gorgeous nursery friend

Love this little nursery addition

Superfood Lactation Raspberry Smoothie
Jess (Sydney, Australia)
Incredibly yum way to boost milk supply

Increased my milk supply immediately and is a delish little drink! Will definitely become a staple in my diet.


I needed a bottle to get Lil Miss to taking feeds by bottle again. Although she is predominantly breastfed, Daddy also wanted to help with feeds, which was happening from birth. Unfortunately Daddy was sick, and after not having a bottle feed for a couple of weeks, lil Miss refused to take it. We tried many different bottles and teets, but the Comotomo was the only one she would take. Amazing!!
The bottle and teet are perfect!! Easy clean and so soft. Definitely worth the extra $$. Highly recommend. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Ewan the Dream Sheep
Lesley Fischer (Brisbane, Australia)
Gift for my granddaughter.

I’m sorry but I cannot help you yet as I have not opened it. I purchased as a gift for my granddauggter who is expecting her first child. I am leaving it for her to

Kiddies Food Kutter and Safety Peeler Set
Amber Wilcox (Perth, Australia)
Absolute hit in our house

i bought yhe knife and peeler a little reluctantly as the knife looked sharp i was pleasantly surprised that it still cut soft foods (banana, watermelon, avocado, nectarines) with ease, and required the sawing action for harder foods. I ran rhe knife over my arm and across my hand, you would be hard pressed to cut yourself. Its absolutely brilliant.
of course, now my 2yo wants his knife for EVERY meal... we are yet to use the peeler, can only imagine what that will look like at EVERY meal!

Mumasil Silicone Breast Milk Saver
Brooke (Brisbane, Australia)
Breastfeeding necessity!

This is my second time purchasing the milk saver for myself and I still love it as much as I did 3 years ago, it’s much more comfortable to suction on than some of the other types of suction catchers, most of my freezer stash was built using just this.

Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells
Ann (Brisbane, Australia)
So handy!

Fantastic for catching small amounts. Sit well under a nursing singlet or bra

Easy to use!

Milk collection shells are so easy to use, never pumping again!

Breastmilk Collection Shells
Jen (Melbourne, Australia)
Wish I had bought sooner

These are fantastic, and I absolutely wish I had bought them pre baby rather than 3 months down the track! Super quick to slip in and out, easy care requirements, very discreet and comfortable, and as long as you don't bend over while wearing them (oops!) no leaks to be seen. Would recommend to everyone.

Little Mashies Reusable Baby Food Pouches - 10 Pack
Leilani Houston (Melbourne, Australia)
Versatile and fantastic

Great purchase, convinces my little one to eat every time. He loves the faces on them! Super easy to fill, clean and dry!

Como Tomo baby bottles

Love it
Will buy bigger ones in 6 months

Comotomo Silicone Nipples Replacement 2 Packs
Sarah V. (Adelaide, Australia)
Comotomo Fast Flow Teats

I love Comotomo bottle and teats. We have just graduated our little 7month old to the fast flow and it’s perfect for him. Very little air entry and easy to clean. Love love love!

Kiddies Safety Food Peeler
S.N. (Melbourne, Australia)
Great peeler

Good little peeler, easy and safe for the kids.
They are enjoying helping get dinner veggies ready!

Constructive Eating Dinosaur Plate
Chanelle (Mornington, Australia)
Fantastic quality and excellent customer service

If you’re considering the constructive plate and cutlery, go for it! They are high quality and my son loves using them. He’s eating things he wouldn’t normally eat as an added bonus! So fun :)

Ewan the Dream Sheep DELUXE
Yolanda Spilstead (Fitzroy, Australia)
Ewan review

I bought this product for my new granddaughter who was having trouble with settling after feeding. From reports from my daughter, Ewan was a calming presence in the bassinet, (although stomach cramps still gave her daughter problems) and over Christmas I witnessed the soothing effects myself

Go to bottle

Well designed bottle with nice wide open neck to get the formula scoop in and to clean. Baby loves the feel of the silicone and to help hold why he drinks.
The bottles did take some time to arrive however when I emailed inquiring I had an email straight back letting me know what was going on , so a lovely customer service experience.

Ewan the Dream Sheep DELUXE
Tegan J. (Adelaide, Australia)

Exactly as shown. Love it and can't wait to try it with baby on the way 😍

Little Mashies Reusable Baby Food Pouches - 10 Pack
Marie-Pier S. (Burswood, Australia)
Perfect for snacks on the go

Great pouches, easy to manipulate, large safe lid. Don’t contain much though. I had a different brand before which was much more difficult to open and shut to fill.

Bibado Baby Coverall Weaning Bib
Customer (Langwarrin, Australia)

Great. Will buy a couple more spares

Bibado Baby Coverall Weaning Bib
Diana N. (Surry Hills, Australia)
Amazing bib. I want another one!

This bib is great! It really reduces the amount of cleaning time after feeding. Highly recommend

Great bottles

Great bottles - easy to clean and use especially in going between breast and bottle feeding.