Breastfeeding Bundle

  • Description

    Our popular Breastfeeding Bundle contains the essentials for any mum beginning their breastfeeding journey. This Bundle contains:

    1x Mumasil Breast Milk Saver

    1x Mumasil Deluxe Breast Milk Collection Shells

    1x Mumasil Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs

    Total Bundle Value $84.95

    Mumasil Breast Milk Saver - works by suctioning to your breast to create a hands-free container that catches the breast milk that would normally be lost from a letdown or leaking breasts. Great for using whilst feeding on the opposite side or to relieve engorgement between feeds.

    Mumasil Deluxe Breast Milk Collection Shells - Designed to sit comfortably inside your nursing bra, collecting the breast milk that would normally be lost from a let-down or leaking breasts. Use the shells whilst breastfeeding or pumping on the opposite breast or to sit discretely inside your maternity bra in-between feeds. Fantastic also if you are suffering from cracked or sore nipples as they will let your breasts breath between feeds.

    Mumasil Reusable Warm and Cool Breast Packs - Provides soothing relief and ease discomfort associated with breast pain. Cold Therapy - Helps relieve pain and swelling from breastfeeding issues like engorgement and mastitis. Warm Therapy - Helps relieve mastitis, plugged ducts and encourages milk let-down.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
sandra iglesias manresa (Sydney, Australia)

Great breast shells, love them

mona f. (Melbourne, Australia)

happy with the order and can’t wait to use it

Maddy (Adelaide, Australia)
warm/cool packs - size matters

I was really excited for the warm pack as I have needed heat to help empty engorged breasts in the past. I'm somewhere near a H cup ...
the pack barely fits around any of my breast and the curve makes it impossible to sit properly. its a great product but size matters

Anna (Sydney, Australia)
Mumasil bundle

Packed in my hospital bag ready to go!

Gloria (Sydney, Australia)
Great product

Great for collection of leaking breast while breastfeeding