Colostrum Expressing Kit

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Choosing to express your colostrum towards the end of your pregnancy, from 36 weeks onwards*, is a way to ensure you are better prepared to meet any feeding challenges - should they arise. 

Colostrum is the first milk produced by breasts, and it’s liquid gold!. It’s packed with antibodies and immunoglobulins – all aimed at protecting tiny babies as they enter the world.

We've put together everything you need to do this, including 15 sterile and sealed syringes and instructions on how to harvest your previous Colostrum. Our Expressing Kit bag is also a cooler bag, designed to fit in most freezers - making it easier to simply grab and go and take your stored colostrum with you. 

Our kit contains:

1 x Travel Cooler Bag (which can be repurposed later - i.e.: baby bottles)

1 x Magnetic Instruction card (less chance to lose - stick it on the fridge!)

5 x 1ml Sterile Syringes (sterile, individually sealed and BPA free)

5 x 3ml Sterile Syringes (sterile, individually sealed and BPA free)

5 x 5ml Sterile Syringes (sterile, individually sealed and BPA free)

15 x Syringe Labels

15 x Syringe Caps 

30ml Collection Cap with Lid (BPA Free)

*Note: Antenatal colostrum expression is advised from 36 weeks of pregnancy, however it is important for you to discuss your individual needs with your midwife, doctor or health professional.

Do not express you have a history of, or are currently experiencing, threatened or actual preterm labour, cervical incompetence or you have a suture put in your cervix to prevent preterm labour.

Customer Reviews

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Maddie (Sydney, Australia)
Perfect for a first time mum!

I am a first time mum, diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Antenatal colostrum expressing is recommended with diagnosis to help bub manage sugars upon birth if there are any issues. This kit has exactly what I need to do this - the ready made labels are a godsend, having caps and a variety of different sized syringes is also great! The little collection cup works well for me as I can’t collect straight into the syringe like some. The little insulated zip bag will be perfect for taking to hospital 1.5hrs away from me - I grabbed some ice bricks to help my colostrum make it there. I’ll be able to keep the items for any future pregnancies where collection is recommended, which makes it all well worth the cost for me! Thanks Mumasil x

Sara Adnum (Sydney, Australia)

Colostrum Expressing Kit