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At Mumasil our aim is to support you on your breastfeeding journey. We are an Australian family business, with two small children ourselves - both breastfed so we understand the ups and downs. We want to encourage and support breastfeeding through providing high quality products and empowering parents with knowledge, skills and resources. 



Mumasil Warm/Cool Breast Packs

"Lifesaver, I highly recommend using"

Cassy. N - "I was expressing colostrum antenatal for preparation on bub needing extra when in this outside world. I was not getting much until purchasing the breast gel pads, warmed up and placed on. Now my baby boy is here, he needed to fly out to specialist care, he needed all that extra milk the packs helped to produce. Now i remain expressing and getting my milk come in. I could not be doing it without my Mumasil reusable breast packs."


Breast Milk Saver

Absolutely brilliant!

Ali - "Absolutely brilliant! I bought this thinking it would only save a small amount, however, I am seeing at least 50ml from each side every morning. I was going to upgrade my single breast pump, but now I don't need to. Works just as well, if not faster, for a fraction of the price. This company is fantastic. Great customer service. So glad I bought with them. Look forward to any new ideas they may come up with!! Definitely recommend this! And also the shells. Thank you xx"


Mumasil Breast Milk Saver

"Essential for all breast feeding mums!"

Kirsty  - "My sister had suggested this to me 4 weeks in with my son as an addition to pumping to build up a supply of stored milk, I was unsure as it didn't appear I was leaking that much breast milk while I fed. Turns out I was so wrong and this has been an amazing way to avoid wastage without actually having to do anything. This product is so easy and efficient and I would highly recommend this on you list of feeding must haves!!"


Mumasil Collection Shells

"Freezer stash lifesaver!!"

Lucinda - "Love love love these shells, collect 10-30mls every letdown and some in between on engorged days. Plus helps to relieve engorgement passively without increasing supply which is so important for me with an over supply already and a tiny 3 week old! I’ve collected over a litre for the freezer stash just using these shells. Going to order some more for overnight feeds so I don’t have to wash them every feed but wash all in the morning instead :)"


Mumasil Mothers Milk Support Tea

"Love it"

Stephanie - "Super fast delivery and great product. I’ve tried most breast feeding teas and this one it definitely the best I’ve tasted. Thanks heaps."


Mumasil Breastfeeding Bundle

"Such a great product! A must have for breastfeeding mums!"

Jess - "This was the best purchase I’ve made whilst being a Mum. Not only do you avoid going through breast pads, and reducing the potential of nipple thrush, but you can collect you leaked milk for extra bottles (so dads are involved) or to donate. It’s an incredibly thoughtful present for expectant mothers!"


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Breastfeeding Magazine

Issue 1 - 'Breastfeeding Mums Australia Magazine'. Our magazine is filled with articles to inform, support and encourage breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding Magazine

Issue 2 - 'Breastfeeding Mums Australia Magazine'. Our magazine is filled with articles to inform, support and encourage breastfeeding. 

Breast Milk Collection Shells

Watch this video to see how our popular collection shells may work for you